answer all the questions 12

Kane Discussion*use simple and clear language and avoid plagiarism. Use the essay in the attached files below
Robert Kane Essay “Through The Moral Maze”Robert Kane (make sure you cite the text when answering the following questions):
What does Kane describe as the two “consequences” of the Tower of Babel regarding conflicting views on morality? What two concepts does Kane describe as the underlying problems associated with the consequences? Can you relate to these ideas in your own life? How?How does Kane use the story of C.S. Lewis’ “Perelandra” to depict the dilemma of “Loss of Moral Innocence?” Have you ever experienced this problem/dilemma in your own life? Can you give some examples?What does Kane propose, in the end, as a way forward through the “moral maze” of our modern context? Explain his concept of “openness.”Give an example from our contemporary context where this paradigm might apply; and explain why you think Kane’s views would be helpful. Be sure to cite the source of the news story.
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