Business ethics discussion | Management

Let’s think for a moment about the terms “right and wrong”.   Are the terms defined the same across the cultures?  How does the ethical theories relate to the “right and wrong” of the activities of those involved in white collar crime?  Chapter 2 of the […]

In charge of the newly formed product distribution division

  Course Objective This assessment addresses the following course objective(s): Analyze data sources and uses in the local, national, and global marketplaces. Assess challenges for domestic company marketing globally. Instructions Your CEO in Marketing, Miss Mary Moussoulias, the daughter of the owner, Frank Moussoulias, has […]

Unit 1 | Operations Management

No industry has faced more competitive markets in the U.S. than  textiles. The import of foreign textiles made using cheap labor has  decreased profit margins for U.S. companies for years, and many have  left the industry.  In this discussion you will get the opportunity to […]

The psychology of moral development and moral reasoning

  Psychologist  Lawrence Kohlberg has developed an interesting theoretical structure  allowing one to understand the logic of moral reasoning in terms of  three levels: Pre-Conventional, Conventional, and Post-Conventional; and  six different stages, two for each level. According to Kohlberg, pretty  much the only individuals to […]

abortion & egoism 2 | Philosophy

 Abortion & Egoism Goal: The goal of this forum is to examine the ethics of abortion and egoism. Course Objective(s): CO1: Analyze the major ethical theories in the history of moral philosophy as put forward by philosophers in key ethical texts. CO2: Apply ethical theories to […]