choose an ebay product . investigate four (4) different competitors

 Choose a product on the ebay website. Investigate four (4) different competitors who also sell a similar product. Find out what you can identify about the promotional activities that each of these competitors use to communicate with customers about their products. In Microsoft Word write an email (To, From, Subject, etc…) that you could send to a colleague discussing your findings from analyzing the competitors’ promotional strategies. Format this as an email document that includes sentences and several paragraphs. Include a table and a chart or graph presenting some of the information. Include an image(s) of the products. Use your Office textbook to learn how create charts and graphs and to embed tables and images within documents. The table embedded in the email will be worth 10 percent of the assignment’s points. An image included in the document will be worth 10 percent of the assignment’s points. The chart or graph is also worth 10 percent of the assignment’s points. 

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