history of the notion of race in science, theories of racism, and current issues in the research methodology.

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TERM PAPER OPTIONS –  10 pages with title page, text (8 pages), and references. You can also attach copies of news articles, tables, or other materials that explain your event or issue. You should include references to scientific journal articles within the text of your paper.
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ANSWER THIS QUESTION: You are a United Nations specialist on race relations; explain the psychology of racism in the US to the world. Include definitions, history of the notion of race in science, theories of racism, and current issues in the research methodology. Include current issues facing both majority and minority groups and their members.
1. The literature review must come from PsycInfo, Sociological Abstracts, PsycCritiques, or Psychology: A Sage Full Text Collection. You can use editorials and news articles and these should be cited in the references, but these are not scholarly materials. You should use editorials and news articles sparingly.
 2. Remember to cite all material or information in the text of the paper. To do otherwise is unethical. To plagiarize is unethical.
 3. The paper must come from one of the three options and be turned in for the deadline. No late papers are accepted.
 4. Make an outline to organize your information.
            Intro – statement of problem
            Background lit review for variables or issues
            If citing a study, include:
           Methods-participants, procedures, materials (or                                                     arguments to be used)
           Results – of research findings (or implications for your                                                    arguments)
             Discussion    restatement of findings and what findings mean
 5. At least, 8 pages of text are required (minus the title page and references).
 6. Use only double spacing. Never take your line spacing off double spacing.
 7. Never use author’s first names – only last names.
 8. Never use personal pronouns (I, we, our, etc.).
 9. Never write the name of the article or book within the text.
 10. Group similar content into 1 paragraph – when you switch a topic, start a new paragraph
 11. Keep Nouns and Verbs Together (NV RULE)
 12. Clauses come at the beginning and end of a sentence
 13. Transition Words (moreover, also, frequently, consequently, thus, etc.)
 14. No typographical or grammatical errors
 15. You should use American Psychological Association Writing Style.
 16. I will use the Department’s plagiarism scanner, if there is any question about the originality of the paper. I can provide testimonials on what happens to students who plagiarize in my class.

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