Individual development plan and improvement strategy application

Mentor- Bank Manager (20yrs)
Mentee- New Bank Manager in Training
In 100 words each, respond to the following prompts.
1. Evaluate Your Personal Readiness to Coach/Mentor Others
2. Coach/Mentor Value Proposition
3. Mentee Vision
4. Needs Assessment Results
5. Short-Term Goals (0-6 months)
6. Long-Term Goals (6 months-2 years)
7. Activities to Meet Short-Term Goals
8. Activities to Meet Long-Term Goals
9. Mentoring Techniques (to support the predetermined activities)
10. Coaching Techniques (to support the predetermined activities)
11. Discuss your decision & rationales to select coaching or mentoring as your approach.
12. Identify Selected Activities and Rationale (connection to behavior or skill goal)
13. Activities Selected to Meet Long-Term Goals
14. Final Evaluation of the Success of the Individual Development Plan:
15. Evaluation of Technique Effectiveness (Observations/Results/Concerns)
16. Evaluation of Modifications of Future Suggestions for Next Time (determined after implementation):
17. Evaluation of Leadership and Motivation Theories:

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