Please reread or think again of Sherman Alexie's “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me." (You will find the essay on the web). 2. Read Maya Angelou's “Graduation." Write a list compa

Please reread  or think again of Sherman Alexie’s “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me.”  (You will find the essay on the web).

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     2. Read Maya Angelou’s “Graduation.” Write a list comparing and contrasting situations in “Graduation” and in “The Joy of Reading and Writing” as          preparation for the essay on both readings. 

This formal essay is based on pairing the readings in agreement with your topic. You have to have an introduction starting with a generalization that includes both essays. You can write something like “this theme” or “this topic” or “this issue” is dealt with by Sherman Alexie in “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” and by Maya Angelou in “Graduation.” You find the topics below.

Then connect this with the unfolding of the introduction and also connect it afterward to the first paragraph of the body of the essay. Do not forget at the end of the introduction to write your thesis statement, which guides your writing of the essay.

Your main idea has to be present in the development of the essay. When you are developing your ideas in the three body paragraphs, you need in every paragraph to have a quote from each reading.

Every paragraph should start with a topic sentence, which is an important idea related to your thesis statement. Everything you write about has also to be connected to your views and the views expressed in the two essays. 

The names of the two authors and the titles of the articles have to appear in the introduction and also in the conclusion.

Essay Assignment:

Directions: Read the two questions below carefully and then choose only ONE. Write a thesis-centered essay of at least 500 words in response to the question. You may use a dictionary and any notes that can assist you.

Keep in mind the model read in class about the movie Take the Lead and Professor de Vasconcelos’ class.

Remember to: Develop a thesis ( main idea) that takes a clear stance or position to answer the question.

Organize your thoughts. An outline or list can help you do this. Use MLA in-text citation-quotes and pages.

You must use at least one cited idea from each reading. Also, use your own observations, experiences, or other sources to develop your claims. Explain how your citations and ideas are relevant to your thesis.

Select ONLY ONE topic: 1. Education is a means of fulfilling one’s dreams and advancing socially and economically. Do you agree or disagree?  Take a position and support it. Please deal with both elements of the statement and with both prompts (essays). OR 2. Racial and economic inequality continues to exist in American schools, but, with intelligence, discipline, hard work, and support, students can triumph over oppression. Do you agree or disagree?  Take a position and support it.  Do not forget that you have to give examples from both essays.

3. Watch any video on the life of the Olympian swimmer, Casey Legler,  and after watching it, please respond to the video in an academic paragraph including what moved you and how you perceive her gender path to liberation.