Project: threat intelligence requirements | CMGT433 Cyber Security | University of Phoenix

Establishing threat intelligence goals and requirements will help the threat intelligence team to better allocate and utilize its resources and fine-tune the data types, tools, and methods that will produce the most relevant and useful intelligence about the particular threats to the organization.
Using the organization you chose in Week 1, document your work on the following for your project this week:

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Determine current threat landscape:
Major cybersecurity threats to the organization
Security posture and factors: pressures the organization is under to strengthen its security program
Risk assessment:
Risks related to the industry, legal obligations, customer security requirements
Business risks and impact on revenue, customers, operations, compliance, fines, costs of repairs or mitigation activities
1 – no impact; 2 – low; 3 – medium; 4 – high; 5 – critical
Rating of threat possibility:
1 – not likely; 2 – slight possibility; 3 – moderately possible; 4 – highly possible; 5 – extremely possible

Cite any references to support your assignment.