STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATIONS PROPOSAL ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONSStrategic Recommendations: Proposal AssignmentThis is the culminating assignment for this course. Content developed for Discussio


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INSTRUCTIONSStrategic Recommendations: Proposal AssignmentThis is the culminating assignment for this course. Content developed for Discussions 1-7 will help with the collection of data and information that will be included in your strategic recommendations proposal. Prepare your Discussions so that maximum transfer of information may occur.

The resources used for this assignment include this instructional handout and the provided written proposal template.

Project Introduction and BackgroundFirst, you should be familiar with the difference between a business proposal and a business plan. The business proposal is used to address a specific problem or opportunity within an organization. Proposals will typically be focused and abbreviated in content and heavy with supporting arguments and data. A business plan on the other hand is much more detailed. A business plan takes the business proposal and adds all of the specifics (costs, required equipment, timelines, facilities, personnel, etc.) necessary for a presentation to board members or investors. It is common for decision makers to ask for a proposal before a plan.Second, strategic recommendations refer to specific recommendations that focus on improving operational effectiveness and/or efficiency. Effectiveness refers to the idea of goals and mission. How effective are current processes and procedures at meeting company goals? Efficiency refers to the idea of resources. How much of company time, talent, and treasures are being used to achieve specific outcomes? Strategic recommendations focus on improvements in these areas and may come from the creation of new profit centers or the overhaul of existing ones. 

Assignment Elements

The proposal template provides additional instructions on assignment elements and layout. 

Again, feel free to use your creative rights when it comes to layout but the template is available for use. 

Your proposal must include:

1. Proposal Objectives. The Strategic Recommendations Proposal must begin with an executive summary and at least three proposal objectives you develop and address. These objectives should center on supporting your recommendation(s) for an area of improvement you have identified during your company research.

2. Company Mission and Goals. Connect your recommendation(s) to company goals and mission. Why should your recommendation be of interest to decision-makers? Craft these connections carefully.

3. Financial Analysis . If able connect recommendations to findings from the submitted financial statements. At minimum, provide a cost/benefit summary of your recommendation(s).

4. Supporting Arguments. Each objective must be addressed with appropriate assertions. All assertions must have supporting arguments. Arguments must be supported with appropriate data.  

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