Taking the “Faces” quiz on Dyske Suematsu's (Links to an external site.) website, All Look Same (Links to an external site.) http://alllooksame.com/about/ http://alllooksame.com/blog/ When you're done

Taking the “Faces” quiz on Dyske Suematsu’s (Links to an external site.) website, All Look Same (Links to an external site.)

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When you’re done with the quiz, review his Blog (Links to an external site.) and read a few entries. After you’ve completed the quiz and read the blog, reflect on how you did and whether you were surprised by the results.

Why do social scientists consider race a social construction?

What is an example from the news or social media that demonstrates how race is a social construction?

Please include a link to share in your post. 

Use a personal example to discuss how race is a social construction.

350 words


Citations and references required